two zeros & the library of Doom! chapter playlist

Yeah, so if you paid attention while reading Two Zeros and The Library of Doom!, you might have noticed a recurring theme in the chapter titles.  Yes, they're all song titles–Rolling Stones song titles, no less.  And now, here, for your listening pleasure is the playlist in reading order.

It started as a bit of a personal challenge that I expected to abandon quickly, but never did.  Oddly enough, the longer I worked on it, the more the chapter headings began to help steer the course of the book. Sometimes I would have only a vague idea of where the story was headed, and so I would consult my iTunes and look over the Rolling Stones songs, often choosing one that would help influence what exactly happened next and where I took the story.  

The interactive aspect became a really fun exercise as the songs changed how I wrote this and thought about the pacing.

The Zeros and the season of the witch
chapter playlist

This one was a little tougher.  I actually picked the book's title–and corresponding artist–before I even started writing.  At this point, I'd already decided to pick an artist/band for each of the novellas, and Donovan was a fun choice because he's got a lot of pretty unusual titles to work with (almost had some weird chapters... "The Fat Angel," "Lady of the Lamp," "Clara Clairvoyant," "The Sun is a Very Magic Fellow," etc).  And this whole thing basically started because I think "The Hurdy Gurdy Man" is an awesomely creepy track.

In this case, Spotify did not have all of Donovan's songs available, so the playlist is incomplete, but it's a good start if you're not too familiar with Donovan. If you're really unfamiliar, skip right to #13 to find out why it had to be Donovan (and the last track too, obviously).


A sweet cover of Three Kingfishers of which Gil would approve: