the stories of the professor Brannigan
& his madcap associates.

It began as a joke. I'm not entirely certain it isn't still a joke, but regardless, a number of people have seemed to enjoy the stories of the Professor Hugo "Brick" Brannigan and his friends in the turmoil of 1930's Europe, pursuing ancient relics of archaeological significance.

Not long ago, I began writing stories about a great hero and his motley collection of friends and associates.  Inspired by and written in the same spirit as Lester Dent's Doc Savage pulp novels as well as the copious pulp writings of Norvell W. Page, Kendell Foster Crossen, and Frederick Nebel, the Brick Brannigan tales hope to return the reader to a simpler, stranger, and more swashbuckling time.

Together, we will travel the globe, exploring faraway lands and meeting remarkable individuals.  Slowly, all involved will learn that we've much in common, and together, evil doesn't stand a bloody chance.

I hope you enjoy the strange and zany tales of the Professor.

Have fun!


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