so you want to know what this is?


Gil's Grimoire is a series of stories about a small band of heroes destined to protect the innocent from the otherworld perils that threaten from beyond.  Gil Abercrombie, Alistair Finch, and newcomer Dylan collectively make up the Zeros, three men worth nothing to no one (all right, this is a bit dramatic perhaps, but what can you do?).

I started writing Gil's Grimoire while living on Chicago's South Side during the particularly nasty winter of '10-'11.  I wanted to create an urban fantasy that wasn't afraid to add actual sci-fi into the mix–which explains how the multiverse came into play. The characters, the story, and their world have since grown and changed, slowly evolving into what they are today.

Firmly rooted in the vein of urban fantasy, Gil's Grimoire is most heavily inspired by Saturday afternoon cliffhanger serials and golden age horror films of the '30s and '40s–to say nothing of mystery, fantasy, and science fiction pulp writings of every age.

I sincerely hope you enjoy.

Your loyal author buddy,