Dean kotz: Gil's grimoire
artist extraordinaire

I was lucky enough to Dean in about 2006 or so at a rather mind-numbing job in Philadelphia.  Since then we have shared many opinions of things ranging from jazz to silver age comic books to Star Trek.  We became quick friends, even though we have certain fundamental disagreements (eg kirk vs picard).

His work has appeared in a number of publications, including most recently Krampus from Image Comics and Red Panda from MonkeyBrain.

He is a phenomenal artist and I am incredibly lucky to have the gift of his art for the covers of Gil's Grimoire, to say nothing of his contribution of Gil's Zeros logo (see below).

Visit him at or view a beautiful sampling of his work at Dean's Deviant Art page.

For a fairly comprehensive listing of his works, check here.

Find him on Twitter @deankotz and facebook here.




and take a look at dean's
zeros logo below: