Cover Unveiled!

Hello, dear readers, and happy holidays! I am visiting today to post the finished cover of the new novella, Gil's Grimoire: Two Zeros and The Library of Doom!, hopefully to be released right around the start of the new year. The cover was beautifully done by my dear friend Dean Kotz, and I am very excited to put the finishing touches on the novella and publish.

Your story, dear reader, begins here:

The Zeros–a small gang of do-gooders destined to fight the forces of evil–are called to the abandoned sanatorium Callowleigh to find and save the missing caretaker before it's too late.

If you think inside this mansion-cum-sanatorium is nothing but old paperwork and empty bookshelves, you are sorely mistaken... 
Thus begins the first chapter in the strange and unlikely saga of our heroes: The Zeros.  Gil Abercrombie, Alistair Finch, and newcomer Dylan are here to make sure that the world keeps turnin'.

Gil's Grimoire: Two Zeros and The Library of Doom!

Coming soon from Penny Dreadful Publishing to an ebook store near you!




Welcome to the Library of Gil's Grimoire, a new mystery/fantasy series by Eric Bonkowski.  The first release, Gil's Grimoire, a Short Prelude: Two Zeros & The Library of Doom! is coming soon as a free ebook to be available on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and the iTunes store.

Check out the new trailer for The Library of Doom!