Gil's Grimoire is an urban fantasy series drawing inspiration from everything from Robert B. Parker and Jim Butcher to Doctor Who and the Fantastic Four.

Revolving around the strange and zany exploits of billionaire man-child Gil Abercrombie and his associates Dylan and Finch, Gil's Grimoire brings a few mysteries and monsters to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, along with a collection of friends and enemies not to be underestimated. Oh, and there's a gargoyle thrown in just for laughs, too.

And a talking pigeon.

I wrote Gil's Grimoire hoping to tap into the heart of urban fantasy–you know, monsters and madmen in a grubby city–without getting too bogged down in the darkness of the genre. Not that there's anything wrong with dark, depressing stuff, I just try and keep Gil & Co. removed from it whenever I can.

Oh, and don't be afraid of some sci-fi elements if they get brought into the mix. What complements myth and fantasy better than some sci-fi borne quantum physics and cosmology?

– Eric Bonkowski