If This Thing Ever Comes Out, It'll Be A Miracle.
(I'm mostly kidding)

Well, it's a little strange that Vol. 2 has been underway since Vol. 1: The Zeros and The Man Who Could Not Die existed nowhere but my hard drive, but hey, it's still true.

Patience will reward you, dear reader, as soon enough you will find yourself knee-deep in this Zeros tale with more monsters, more mayhem, more mythology, and even a few new characters.

Otherworld assassins?  Cosmology?  A man made of insects?  A jazzy nightclub hangout?  Finch with a girlfriend?  Time Travel?!?

Wait, did you say Finch with a girlfriend?

Just you wait, dear reader, it will be here before you can say, uh....



Not available anywhere. Not yet.  Sorry, buddy.