Well, the official publication date was January 16, 2013, and in the four days that followed there has been a wonderful wave of interest and support from family, friends, and curious readers alike.

Two Zeros and The Library of Doom! is currently available on Amazon and Smashwords (soon, oh so soon it will be available on Barnes & Noble and hopefully Apple).

But don't forget to find Gil & Co. in other places too, like GOODREADS and FACEBOOK.  Hell, the old guy's even on TWITTER (he has trouble with computers; it's a work in progress).  Find us and follow us for up to date info about what comes next.  Show your support for the Zeros!

Big things are to come.  You know, like the full novel: The Zeros and The Man Who Could Not Die, coming soon from Penny Dreadful Publications!

Stay tuned, dear readers, this is a mighty exciting time.

It's time to believe in Zeros...