Greetings friends!

Okay, so my great grand brilliant marketing master plan involves using the magic of price matching to get the novella The Two Zeros and The Library of Doom! free on Amazon.


If so... continue reading.  If not... enjoy your evening!

Okay, so if you're still reading, I assume you're interested in helping get the new novella down to $0.00 on the machine.  Here's what you can do for me:

1. Go to the book on Amazon here (and you've gotta be signed in on Amazon to do this next bit)

2. Click on the link that reads "tell us about a lower price" right near where you give feedback.  Here is lovely visual aid #1

...hey, are those arrows big enough for you?

3. Click on the website button thingy, paste the URL from the B&N product page (the URL for this site) where it says 'URL,' put a bunch of ZEROs, and submit! pretty easy.  If you're confused, please reference impeccable visual aid #2:

That's right, friends, with your help we'll get the book listed as free on Amazon and hopefully get some new peeps interested in this strange world.

Thank you, dear readers!

Remember, only you can prevent forest fires get this book listed for free on Amazon!

– Eric (yer author buddy)