Evenin' Dear Reader,

I won't bore you with endless apologies as to my absence.  It's not that I don't have excuses, of course I have excuses.  Excuses are easy.

I have excuses, but not good excuses.  Not really.  If you've slipped out of your urban fantasy genre confines to explore the wacky world of Brick Brannigan (first of all, THANK YOU, CITIZEN!), then you'll be delighted to hear that I've been putting my effort into polishing off the second volume of the projected trilogy, Brick Brannigan is Buried Alive on the Faroe Islands!

If you haven't read the inaugural Brick Brannigan tale–Brick Brannigan is Knee-Deep in Peril!–and are thereby nonplussed by this fine little post-Thanksgiving helping of news, then I've got nothing for you, this evening.

Sorry, pardner.

Anyway, for the one or two of you who are curious enough to want to know more about ol' Brick and friends, take a gander over here to get some background and additional info on the series.

And here's the new cover to get you excited (if, somehow, you're not already!).

Happy Holidays, friends!  And know that the wheels are still turning on The Zeros and The Empirical Evidence of Stars!).

Your loyal friend and author,