Hello Dear Readers!

Happy New Years!  We over here at Gil's Grimoire want to bring in this new year 2015 with a little piece of news.  We're happy to introduce a new Zeros logo, designed by our resident artist extraordinaire Dean Kotz:

Yes, it is great.  A rendition of Gil's Yorrick skull with a nail through the eye is exactly what Gil would want on his Ghostbusters jump suit.  If left to his own devices, I know Gil would love to have custom uniforms (Finch and Dylan are another story).

While you're drooling over this beautiful new graphic, add this to the stew: the author's loving wife has put together a great Gil Merch Store for your enjoyment.  Why not take a gander at THAT while you're at it??

And nurse those 2015 hangovers!  Remember, drinking lots of water is key...

Much love,

Your loyal author Eric
(speaking in a uncharacteristic plural voice)