"What is the delay?!?" you ask?

Well... um.

So the final edits are not yet completely in the can, and the cover is in its final steps.  You can fault me, dear reader, for procrastinating like a champ.  Nothing makes me want to write more than the unending process of editing.

You continuing patience will be rewarded, I promise.  The first chapter was teased at the end of Two Zeros and The Library of Doom! and shortly I will be posting Chapter 2 of The Zeros and The Man Who Could Not Die (entitled "Just Roll With It, Really") for your reading pleasure.

In the meantime, enjoy the first chapter of this zany cliffhanger serial from 1938.  I have been reading a lot of Norvel Page and Lester Dent recently, so it seemed quite appropriate to post a chapter from The Spider's Web based on the Shadow-like pulp hero the Spider (wizard wordsmith Norvel Page wrote 92 Spider novels between 1933 and 1943–yes, you read that right, I said 92).

Anyway, enjoy!  Hopefully, this 31 minute yarn will distract you from the fact that what you've been waiting for has been inexorably delayed!!