All right, so editing is pretty much in the can.  Good news, right?

... (silence) ...

I will take that as a yes.

That being said, you are still going to have to wait for The Zeros and The Man Who Could Not Die seeing as we are currently coverless.  However, seeing as I'm sure you are desperate, let me point you in the direction of a little story called Brick Brannigan is Knee-Deep in Peril!, a short novel I put together over the last few weeks that is AVAILABLE NOW!!

If you mosey over to a little site dedicated to the man himself (Brick Brannigan, that is) you will get some more info.

It's a little different, but still well within the ballpark of Gil & the gang (not too serious, not too silly... hopefully Goldilocks' buds would say "just right").

Get it at...


There is also a print copy in the works NOW AVAILABLE... holy smokes!

Grab the print copy on AMAZON or directly from CREATESPACE

At the very least, swing by Brick's site and drop me a line!  And I promise, there is a full-length Zeros novel with your name on it, just around the corner...

All your patience is appreciated.  It's hard out here for an author with a full-time job!

Much Love & Gratitude,

Your Part-Time Author