Evenin' ladies and gents,

I was at work today and I got to thinking. Sometimes I do this. Sometimes it's even about constructive things. Today is just one such example. Recently I've been scrutinizing this whole ebook price thing.  Today I realized that the price was inconsequential as far as I was concerned.

I write because I love to do it.  Why else do it?  I doubt I'll ever get famous doing this, and that's okay.  I like to do it.  So why am I going crazy worrying about pricing?

So guess what?


I hope people read these stories and like them.  That is the most important thing to me.  For the foreseeable future, I am going to keep the books at 99¢.  Why not?

So read up, and I will keep writing.  I've got lots of work to do…

--Your Happy Author (who is watching the snow fall fall fall)

PS.  If you purchased a previous book at full price--$2.99 or $3.99--and you feel particularly miffed that you've parted ways with those 2 or 3 bucks unnecessarily, email me (there's a Contact Me link on the right sidebar).  When my next book comes out, I got an ebook with your name on it, on the house...


PPS. At the time of writing this, a lot of the prices haven't changed yet (B&N has the updated prices, but Amazon and iTunes etc are a bit slow. Be patient, dear reader!)