Howdy Pardners,

So I was doing quite well on The Zeros and The Empirical Evidence of Stars, chugging along, cruising to chapter 15 when I hit a bit of a snag: this is infinitely more complicated than The Library of Doom! or The Man Who Could Not Die.  I'm sorting details, doing research (historical!), and trying to get ducks in nice lil rows.  The problem is, that's slowed down the writing process drastically. So while that's happening, I figured I'd put my nose to the grindstone on a…

*wait for it, wait for it*

…a new novella.

Ah, yes, a new novella.  This puppy is called The Zeros and The Season of the Witch and it is coming together nicely.  New characters, new villains, and a new locale.  I'm working at it and hoping on a summer '14 release.

Stay tuned for more news, as it's surely coming soon (seeing as I'm about a third of the way through it!).

Much love and gratitude,

--Your Loyal Author