Evenin' Ladies and Gents,

Your loyal author here, checking in before I turn on a movie and fall asleep early (what else does one do on a Friday night?).

Draft #1 and #1.5 of The Zeros and The Season of The Witch are finished, and now begins the never-ending TYPO SNIPE phase.  Hey, don't give me that look, the writing phase didn't take too long.  God knows there are plenty typos, though, the main drawback of typing 80 words/minute and not looking back.

In addition to editing, tightening, funnying (totally a word?), and just all in all making it better, I am beginning to look at The Zeros and The Empirical Evidence of Stars once again–this time with more outlining–to say nothing of Brick Brannigan is Buried Alive in the Faroe Islands.  Did you read Brick Brannigan is Knee-Deep in Peril yet?  It's not bad!

Patience remains a virtue here at Camp Gil's Grimoire, so drink some cherry Kool Aid and watch The Return of Daimajin, but don't forget to keep checking back.

More news before you know it…

Your author buddy,